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Sneak Preview … Coming Soon to the New Online Store

Sneak Preview - Online Store Coming Soon, 26:PM, 26PM, Josiah Munsey, Custom, Original, Art


Big Announcement…Online Store is Coming Soon!

26PM Creatures Illustration Design - Josiah Munsey - Online Store Coming Soon - Paintings, Munny, Dunny, Vinyl Toys, Prints, Art, Digital, Traditional, Stencil, Acrylic

The Studio Tattoos in Roseville

Well, I’m off to load up the car with some tight art pieces … heading over to Old Roseville to drop some work off at The Studio Tattoos.  I’m really excited they will be showcasing my art! The below pieces – and more – will be on display.

'Monarch Beetle' Stencil Art on Canvas by 26PM landscape digital image of red dragon in green meadow, created from hand-drawn swirls. 26PM Creatures Illustration Design, Josiah Munsey 'Living Clock' Stencil Art on Canvas by 26PM

Art Gallery Opening! Tonight, Feb 5, 8PM!

What: 26PM Art Gallery Opening | Art. Live Music. Coffee
Where: Bloom Coffee + Tea (Roseville, California)
When: Friday, February 5th, 8PM

[Art will be on display at Bloom Coffee + Tea 7AM-11PM daily for the entire month of February through the end of March!]

Interview with 26:PM’s Josiah Munsey on the “Thoughts from S.” blog

Author Shanley Knox graciously offered to interview me as a Featured Local Designer on her blog Thoughts from S. You can read more about what inspires me, take a peek at my artistic process — and view  a brand-new, unreleased art piece! Full article available here.

Green Acres Fall Festival in Roseville, California

If you’re in Roseville, California today, stop by the Green Acres Fall Festival! I’ll be at my booth from 10 am to 5 pm showing off some of my character design prints as well as original canvas paintings. Hope to see you there!

Moleskines…All Those Poor Moles!

My wife just taught me what a Moleskine is. I guess being an artist, I was supposed to already know.  They are apparently the best notebook ever.  I’m excited because I just got my first-ever Moleskine, as a part of the Sketchbook Project. Although, I am kind of surprised PETA isn’t all over this, all those poor moles.